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Contract Labs

Down-sizing and cost control are facts of life in today's business climate. Are you realizing optimum value for the investment you have made in your laboratory operation? When you choose Standard Laboratories as your laboratory service provider, you are assured of full value because of:
  • Economical Personnel Costs
      Standard Laboratories' experience shows that we can operate your laboratory at a lower cost than that to which you are accustomed. One monthly fee includes all salary, payroll tax, payroll insurance, medical insurance, pension benefits, and workers' compensation. The fee is all inclusive and can even be structured to include incurred overtime.
  • Economical and Easy Supply Purchase
      If desired, Standard Laboratories can provide all laboratory supplies and expendables. At the end of the month, one invoice will greatly facilitate accounts payable processing. In addition, by using Standard Laboratories' services, all volume discounts we receive from our vendors are automatically passed on.
  • Third Party Objectivity
      Standard Laboratories is a completely independent commercial testing contractor that assures impartiality to your clients for results generated in your laboratory. Any disputes over quality become the responsibility of Standard Laboratories and we will verify results accordingly.
  • Assured Quality
      When Standard Laboratories becomes your laboratory service provider, you are immediately provided a vast array of quality programs to assure the integrity of the results generated in the laboratory. From our real-time Online program, through the President's Quality Improvement System, all facets of quality assurance are included and provided at no additional cost to you.
  • Support Services
      With many of our laboratories being on-site operations or dedicated mine operations spread throughout ten states, Standard Laboratories demonstrates its experience and ability to operate such facilities. These widespread locations also help us maintain the largest pool of technical personnel to support vacation schedules, sick time, or leaves of absence. Additional support, both personnel and technical, can be provided by our other locations.
If you currently require third party analytical services or if quick and reliable results are part of your process control scheme, consider that Standard Laboratories stands ready to provide these services at substantial benefit to you.

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